10 Kasım 2015 Salı

the destructive character - a playlist (#4)

rewarding the destructive character, all the muses that exist i've made a playlist consisting of nick cave, rowland s. howard (+ lydia lunch), mick harvey and einstürzende neubauten.

rowland s. howard- the golden age of bloodshed
lydia lunch- some velvet morning
the birthday party- deep in the woods
nick cave & the bad seeds- i let love in
rowland s. howard- dead radio
einstürzende neubauten- ich bin das letzte biest am himmel (1990, live at düsseldorfer philipshalle)
einstürzende neubauten- blume (english)
mick harvey- photograph
the birthday party- shivers
rowland s. howard- (i know a girl called) jonny
nick cave & the bad seeds- loverman
mick harvey- i don't want you on my mind
einstürzende neubauten- bakterien fuer eure seele
einstürzende neubauten- letztes bild
nick cave & the bad seeds- give us a kiss
rowland s. howard- autoluminescent

all of these songs are available on spotify. i don't guarantee that you'll like them though.

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