16 Mart 2017 Perşembe

On my mind

I hate memories,
I want eternity -
Don't be on my mind,
Make my eyes find yours swimming

9 Mart 2017 Perşembe

Sunlight as muse

I must have been sucking at writing for a pretty long time now. Every once in a while a friend of mine reads something i wrote and find it good. But how can they? It was my heart going crazy, feeling lost, and getting found. I like this weather.  The breeze and the warmth. It reminds me of all those times i spent sleeping under the sun in my grandparents' garden. Those afternoons, all the dreams and headaches. Gets me thinking how i want to spent my days. A life. The idea of laying under the spring sun with my eyes closed, drinking wine in the evenings and smell of all the beautiful flowers. Birds singing and hearing it with the heart and not the ears.

My love is a piece of poetry with his eyes reminding me of lovely fish. With his eyes staring at mine. Lining of his lips and softness of his skin. How i desired to go all over his beauty under the sun.

Maybe soon. Maybe never. You cant tell it now and maybe it hurts. Today was a good day, we talked. I talked more obviously, i had my stories. The cat, the bottle opener, a kyrenian sunrise and this sun.

Sun can stay wherever it is. My heart, my whole heart. Favourite poem and constellation. All the summers and the winter that we werent together. My sunlight, my muse.

25 Şubat 2017 Cumartesi


I feel consumed by my love
Suffering as it runs out
Crying at every turn
Does it go away soon
Something about the air
Smelling different than it used to
As if someone
Became one with the very air
I breathe
I suffocate
Consumed, left
To the land of the consumed

19 Şubat 2017 Pazar


Canim sevgilim, en sevdigim gozlere, o balik seklinde gozlere sahip biricik askim. Son iki ayimi seni sadece iki defa gorerek, cok az konusarak bitirmek uzereyim. Seni gorunce hep cok iyiyim. En kotu hissettigin gunlerde varligimi zorladim uzerine. Gitmemi istedin o hallerini gormeyeyim diye, optum seni cokca, uyuduk sarilarak. Sabahlari mutluyduk. Asiri ozledim guzel sevgilim. Sana ciddili konusma yapmam gerekiyor bu aksam. O yuzden gorusuyoruz. Cektin varligini uzerimden. Huznunu anlasam da kapinin disinda olmayi kabullenemedim. Her sey guzel olsun, asik oldugum gozlerin bana baksin askla.


uyuyamadım ve bunları yazdım geçen gece. her şey güzel olacak! konuştuk, sarıldık, ellerimiz aramıza giren istanbul tatilim sonrası yeniden birbirlerine değdi, burnundan öptüm, saçlarımın kenarından öptü. yarım saatte her şey oldu. beraberdik.

12 Şubat 2017 Pazar


You got me dancing
Dancing everywhere
Under the night sky
Facing the orange moon
Feeling the light
You got me
Turning around
Forgetting around

8 Şubat 2017 Çarşamba

under the same moon

Already making me miss you
I hold onto the colours of you
The moment I landed
Someone passed by me
Smelling just like you do
My whole heart, my whole heart
Ten more sleeps
Then we are together in
Famagusta by moonlight

31 Ocak 2017 Salı

the light through your window

you do not complete me. you are not my missing piece. i am a whole. i do not have the need for such person. that is the greatness of us. joy. the light through your window.